Music Video Biography News “They Made Monsters gets featured in  ‘Future Music Magazine’ Reader’s Demos  July 2009 Edition…” ( more ) “Apr 11th 2014 - They Made Monsters releases  new EP ‘Red Blood Blue Blood’ Available online” ( more ) “New singles ‘Time to Breathe’ & ‘Penitence’  to be released in Autumn 2014” ( more ) Divine Interventions
“They Made Monsters ROARS into 2016  with new song ‘You’re Precious’” ( more ) “It’s finally here!  ‘Divine Interventions ’      The First of two releases for 2018! Sorry for   the delay, Life has been……….tricky!”   ( more ) SCARINGLY REAL MUSIC You’re Precious Time To Breathe  (feat.Sharon O’Brien) Penitence Stir Things  (Radio Version) But For The Thirst… Jungle Love  (feat.Sharon O’Brien) Stir Things  (Don’t Turn Off The Light Version)